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Census and American Community Survey

ACS 13-17ACS 2013-2017
ACS 12-16ACS 2012-2016
ACS 11-15ACS 2011-2015
ACS 10-14ACS 2010-2014
ACS 09-13ACS 2009-2013
ACS 08-12ACS 2008-2012
ACS 07-11ACS 2007-2011
ACS 08-12ACS 2006-2010
Thumbnail of Census 2010 MapCensus 2010 Data
Query DataQuery Data


Thumbnail of Age MapPopulation Change By Age:
Thumbnail of Components of Change MapPopulation Change:
Births, Deaths, and Migration
Thumbnail of BracketColorado County Bracketology
Thumbnail of Inter-State Migration MapInter-State Migration 06-10
Thumbnail of Population PiechartAnimated Population Chart
Thumbnail of Population AnimationColorado County Population
Age AnimationAge Animation
Thumbnail of DensityPopulation and Housing Density 2010


Unemployment MapUnemployment Map
Jobs Base AnalysisJobs: Base Analysis
Thumbnail of Unemployment VisualizationColorado Counties Unemployment
Thumbnail of Job Change MapJob Change

Income and Poverty

Thumbnail of RUCA MapRUCA Urban-Rural Map
SRF Disadvantaged CommunitiesSRF Disadvantaged Communities
Thumbnail of Low and Moderate Income MapLow & Moderate Income (HUD FY 2019)
Thumbnail of Poverty by AgePoverty by Age