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Census and American Community Survey

ACS 15-19ACS 2015-2019
ACS 14-18ACS 2014-2018
ACS 13-17ACS 2013-2017
ACS 12-16ACS 2012-2016
ACS 11-15ACS 2011-2015
ACS 10-14ACS 2010-2014
ACS 09-13ACS 2009-2013
ACS 08-12ACS 2008-2012
ACS 07-11ACS 2007-2011
ACS 08-12ACS 2006-2010
Thumbnail of Census 2010 MapCensus 2010 Data
Query DataQuery Data


Thumbnail of Age MapPopulation Change By Age:
Thumbnail of Components of Change MapPopulation Change:
Births, Deaths, and Migration
Thumbnail of BracketColorado County Bracketology
Thumbnail of Birthplace ChartHistorical Birthplace of Colorado Residents
Thumbnail of Residence ChartHistorical Residence of Colorado Born
Thumbnail of Population PiechartAnimated Population Chart
Thumbnail of Population AnimationColorado County Population
Age AnimationAge Animation
Thumbnail of HistoricalHistorical County Populations
Thumbnail of DensityPopulation and Housing Density 2020
Thumbnail of Age LinesAge Distribution by County


Thumbnail of Unemployment RibbonUnemployment Ribbon
Thumbnail of Job Sector MapJob Sectors
Job Sector ChartJob Sectors Chart
Unemployment MapUnemployment Map
DOLA Grants WebmapDOLA Grants Map
Jobs Base AnalysisJobs: Base Analysis
Thumbnail of Unemployment VisualizationColorado Counties Unemployment
Thumbnail of Job Change MapJob Change
Thumbnail of Job Migration ChartJob Migration

Income and Poverty

Thumbnail of RUCA MapRUCA Urban-Rural Map
SRF Disadvantaged CommunitiesSRF Disadvantaged Communities
Thumbnail of Low and Moderate Income MapLow & Moderate Income (HUD FY 2019)
Thumbnail of Poverty by AgePoverty by Age