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Census Information (2010)

Looking for 2010 Colorado Census Data? It is available here!

Colorado and the 2010 Census

The administration of the decennial Census is a federal activity mandated by the constitution. In order for our communities to ensure they are completely and accurately counted in April 2010, it must also be a partnership between the US Census Bureau and local governments.

We will maintain this website throughout the entire Census 2010 cycle (ending about 2013) and will provide current, timely and accurate information relevant to the communities and residents of Colorado as follow-up on the 2010 Census proceeds and we will also inform Colorado stakeholders about Census 2010 endeavors throughout the state.

Participation Rates

Colorado had a 72% participation rate. Curious to see how your community did? Download a complete list of participation rates by county, city and town! pdf

More Census Information

The US Census Bureau's official 2010 Census website ( is packed with information.

Historical Information

The following documents represent previously released Census information. Please contact our office with any questions.