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Last Updated 08/19/2019
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Funding Resources

Census 2020 Outreach Grant Program, Outreach to Hard to Count Communities

Colorado 2020 Census Support Program, Funds for Promotional Materials

Support Resources

Resources for Teachers: Colorado Department of Education Census 2020 Page

Resources for Libraries: Colorado Library Consortium

Presentations discussing key issues regarding the 2020 Census.

Census Base Presentation

Presentation introducing the 2020 Census to general audiences. Census Base Presentation

Presentation to the Colorado Association of Funders July 10, 2010

A presentation made by Natriece Bryant, Department of Local Affairs and Rosemary Rodriguez, Together We Count, describing Colorado's support for the 2020 Census. Presentation to the Colorado Association of Funders

Reaching Hard to Count Populations

A presentation from the State Demography Office describing the definition of "Hard to Count" populations used by the Census Bureau. Reaching Hard to Count Populations

Census 2020 Communications Tagline: 'Shape your future. START HERE.'

The 2020 Census Communications Campaign Platform information
U.S. Census Bureau Promotional Materials

The U.S. Census Bureau unveiled its 2020 Census Communications Platform on March 4, 2019. Additional resources, poster templates, downloadable materials, etc. will be available on this platform beginning in September, 2019.

Sample Census 2020 Form

The Census Bureau has released the Sample Census 2020 form. You can see a copy of what it looks like here.

Detailed Census Operational Plans

The Census Bureau published detailed plans documenting all of its operations. The Operational Plans cover multiple subjects including plans for Service Based Enumeration (which will produce counts for people experiencing homelessness), the Non-Response Follow-Up process (the process of enumerating households that do not respond to the census voluntarily), and many other topics. The collection of operational plans can be accessed here: Census Operational Plans

Census Barriers, Attitudes, and Motivators Study (CBAMS)

The Census Barriers, Attitudes and Motivators Study (CBAMS) reports Census Bureau research into the barriers and motivational issues that can impact census responses. The CBAMS study combines a series of focus groups and a sample survey.

The focus groups component of the 2020 CBAMS will provide deeper and more specific insights than can be obtained through the survey, especially for hard-to-count populations. A particular emphasis of the focus groups is on areas that may be underrepresented in the survey, such as households in rural areas; young, single, mobile individuals; and no or low internet proficiency. Hard-to-count racial and ethnic minorities include American Indian and Alaska Natives (AIAN), Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI), and Middle Eastern and North African (MENA). Historically, these groups all have among the lowest propensities to respond to the decennial census. Focus groups will ensure we have sufficient and actionable research to guide outreach to these groups. There were 42 total focus groups that took place in 14 locations across the county from March 14 through April 19, 2018. Final CBAMS Focus Group Report

The 2020 CBAMS Survey, publicly called the 2020 Census Planning Survey, is a nationwide survey of 50,000 households that covers a range of topics related to census participation and completion. Results will allow the Census Bureau to understand and compare barriers, attitudes, and motivators across demographic subgroups such as Asian, Black, Hispanic, White, and, given sufficient sample size, additional groups like income and education levels. The survey period was February 20 through April 17, 2018; respondents were able to complete the survey in English or Spanish either online or by mailing back the questionnaire. Final CBAMS Survey Report