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American Fact-Finder - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is American FactFinder?

American FactFinder is an online application that provides access to detailed tables and maps for population, housing and businesses. These tables are manipulable, downloadable and printable.

How do I get started using American FactFinder?

You can start by checking out our Quick Start Guides, which are available on our Training Page. The US Census Bureau also provides a short introductory guide ( to using AFF.

What if I have a specific question that isn't covered here, or in the Quick Start Guides?

The Census Bureau publishes an in-depth FAQ ( They also allow you to Chat ( or submit a question ( which they'll answer via email. You can also contact our office with any questions at email.

Do you offer training on how to use AFF?

We do! Visit our Training page for more information. We offer in-person and webinar-based trainings. We also have recorded webinars you can view anytime.

How do I find the population of my city, town, county or state?

There are multiple way to search by geography, and Quick Start is the easiest.

If you're interested in more advanced geography searches, please visit our Training Opportunities page.

How do I find data for all the counties or all places in Colorado?

How do I find all the Census Tracts in a Place?

What is the difference between the 'B' and 'C' detailed tables in the ACS?

The Base Tables, called Detailed Tables in the American Community Survey (ACS), contain all of the detailed data collected in the survey.

Depending on the selected geography, ACS detailed tables may be displayed in two versions. This variation in the base table display is designed to handle data filtering that is applied to the ACS results.

Users are able to switch between the base table and the collapsed version table using a hyperlink displayed above the table result.

How can I map my data?

In AFF, you can build a map of a specific piece of data about a particular area. These maps are called thematic maps. You can create thematic maps from the table view of a product. Simply select the "Create a Map" button and follow the instructions to create your map.

Note that:

For more information visit the Create a Map Tutorial (

What are the browser requirements for American FactFinder?

AFF works best with Internet Explorer 7+ or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

I thought ACS 5-year estimates were available at the Block Group level, but I can't find them in AFF. Why not?

ACS 5-year estimates are available down to the Block Group level, but not through American FactFinder. To access the BG data, you need to download the Summary File Retrieval Tool ( It's available about halfway down the page, and right below that is a user guide.

Is there a complete list of all ACS tables?

A complete list is available within the ACS technical documentation for each set of estimates: 1-year ( pdf, 3-year ( pdf and 5-year ( pdf.