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Annual Demography Meeting Videos (2015)

In 2015 we live-streamed our Annual Demography Meeting allowing data users from all over the state to virtually attend. Each presentation is below, in order. The agenda, presentations, and other handouts are available on our Publications page.

Sprinting or Plodding? An Economic Outlook

Transitions in Age and Increasing Diversity: The 2015 Population Forecast

Colorado's Population Landscape: Migration and the Great Recession

Maps! Charts! Data! Leveraging Free Colorado State Demography Office Products to Make Your Life Easier

Financing Colorado's Future - A Look at Interaction of School Finance and the Funding of State Government

East Central Colorado Region Update

Northeastern Colorado Update

It Costs What to Live Here?! Cost of Living Differentials Across the State

Housing Matters Panel - Costs, Challenges, and Opportunities