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Colorado Migration Flows

Migration Flows Dashboard

The following page shows migration flows for Colorado and Counties using ACS 5-year Migration Flows Data.

This application shows the number of people who moved to and from a selected geography for a selected ACS 5-year data set. Charts show the net- in- and out-migration statistics for a selected geography and time period.    This migration "flow" information provides insights into the movement of people, and can be used to assist in planning and marketing.

The 5-year ACS migration flow data are a pooled measure of migration for Colorado counties and other states. See the ACS Migration Flows page fof more information.


  • Select the geography type and geography from the list below.
  • Click on the download icon on the left of each chart to download the chart, the underlying data, and links to the data source.

To improve visibility of the charts only the top 20 sources and destinations are shown. The entire, unsupressed, data set can be downloaded by clicking ion the download button to the left of each chart.

This data visualization can only be viewed on a tablet or desktop.